Purchase an Introductory Flying Lesson Gift Certificate

An introductory flight lesson allows any individual to experience flight in a Cessna 172s 4-seat training aircraft. They handle the flight controls under the instruction of a CFI (certified flight instructor) for 90% of the flight. They will be able to experience: making the takeoff (which many intro flights do not include), straight flight, turns, climbs, and descents.

The recipient can bring along a back seat passenger as well at no additional cost as long as the total passenger weight does not exceed 500 pounds (or 450 for G1000 C172s).  You can bring a 3rd person for $40 more.  The best flight path takes you out to the coast south of Half Moon Bay.  An alternate route takes you over Fremont and Livermore.  A pilot swap or bay tour can be added on to any lesson the day of the flight for $40 more.  Flight time can be extended in .1 hour increments for $30 each.

The introductory flight lesson is given during the weekdays at 8:30 am, 11:30 am, and 2 pm from Palo Alto airport.

I only offer weekend introductory flights on Sunday at 830 am.  If you need a certain date contact me before purchase to check your date is open.  Or you can purchase without a set date and schedule to fly later. There is an additional fee of $40 for a Sunday lesson which is paid in cash the day you fly.