TSA Information for Flight Training

Anyone can take one introductory flying lesson no matter their citizenship.

Before their second lesson US citizens have to provide the flight school/instructor a copy of their passport, or US birth certificate & government photo id like a driver’s license.

Before a second lesson non US citizens have to have received approval to start flight training from the TSA. Approval is only required for the following training: Private (incl sport and rec. pilot), Instrument, and Multi-Engine.

TSA application costs $130 and fingerprinting costs about $70.

A few foreign countries have TSA fingerprint offices so you can get approval even before you come to the United States.

This approval is applied for online at a TSA website and usually takes about 10-14 days if everything is done right and in a timely manner.

The student then has 1 year to complete their flight training.

A non-citizen must pick an school or instructor BEFORE they apply with the TSA.

Before you list me Darryl Kalthof as your provider be sure to contact me and make sure I can take on a new client.

I will then send you a detailed file that will give you all the information you need to sign up with me as your provider.